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Strategic + Scrappy + Surrendered

This year is moving right along; can you believe it? It's the perfect time to check your progress and make the adjustments you need to reach your goals.


This season in business has required us to be strategic, scrappy, and, most of all, surrendered. The journey has been far from a straight line, and, honestly has taken longer than I would like at times, but I am amazed at the depth and breadth of growth God has cultivated along the way. Radical Obedience to His leading is starting to produce fruit. It makes my heart smile to see the roots we’ve grown in private start to bloom in public.


️February was all about testing out the changes we’ve made internally and starting to understand the impact they can have longterm. We've made adjustments from operations, to sales, to service delivery, and the feedback has been great! We have really enjoyed finding new ways to have fun in business again.


It feels good to know we’re moving in the right direction and to start seeing the plan for the year come together. I'm reminded that building great things takes time, attention to detail, and dedication to the goal - no matter what comes your way. That's the sweet spot for innovation to take place and open you up to something greater than you could have imagined.


As we've been putting our plans into action, I've felt God calling our community to work through some specific frameworks to (intentionally) give Him space to lead our businesses and to craft clear plans for growth.

That's why we hosted the Pray Plan Profit Challenge last month and will be hosting the Healthy CEO Challenge again this month. God is doing something special, giving us structure, and calling deeper into the Word as we continue to grow our businesses together!


Our methods change (different services, events, and resources), but our promise to serve you well will always remain the same.  


How can you take this same flexible on the methods, firm on the goal/flexible on the journey, firm on the destination approach?


  • Surrender your will to God and trust the path He has you on is the best for you in this moment. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 KJV)  

  • Evaluate your current plans. Are they aligned with your business mission? Have they achieved the goals you hoped? Are they profitable? What do your clients think? Dive deep and ask hard questions.  

  • Be open to the feedback you receive. Make space for honest and constructive feedback even if it stings a little. If you allow it, they will make you better.


  • Take strategic action. Make a list of immediate and long-term adjustments you need to make. Tweak where you can now to continue testing out your new approaches, and make a plan to implement your long-term changes.


  • Commit to your plan. Show up and serve well. Every time. Every customer. Every service.


  • Prep to celebrate what you've learned and accomplished at the end of the month!

You have what it takes to make your dreams and goals come true, CEO. God is showing you the work, strategy, and alignment required to do so.

It may not always be easy, happen quickly, or look like you thought it would, but trust me what you learn in the process is so worth it. It will make reaching your goal that much sweeter and ensure you are able to steward the blessings God has in store well.

So hang on. Be strategic. Get scrappy. Intentionally (and continually) surrender (your will to His). And watch God work!

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