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RESET: The End of An Era. The Start of Something New.

Updated: Jun 8

I am so excited to welcome this month in! June is my favorite month of the year with the beautiful summer weather, fun events, National Black Music Month, rooftop views, and my own personal holiday (my birthday) on June 29th!


During this time of year I also spend a lot of time reflecting and processing all that's happened in life and business over the last 12 months. Personally, I'm ending one year of life and starting a new one. This makes me think about all the ways I've grown, how God has moved, and how I want to go into the next year. I also decide what doesn't need to go forward with me. Professionally, we're hitting the midyear mark and I need to evaluate our progress and make any adjustments to our quarter and annual goals to stay on track for the year.


This makes me slow down a bit, remove distractions, and take time to discover and dig into the details that matter most. I always work to go into the next year settled and ready for what's to come.


Thinking back to last year around this time, I was preparing for my first sabbatical - a monthlong break from our businesses to rest. It was life changing! I had never before reserved a month to rest physically, creatively, mentally, emotionally, sensorially, socially, and spiritually all at the same time.

After that month, God gave me the direction to Surrender and practice Radical Obedience (more on these in a later post). These two instructions have changed me in ways I never imagined, improved our businesses, made me a better leader, and readied my heart for what God has shared as my focus going into this personal new year - RESET.


I am not sure of what this means in full yet (we all know God often reveals as we make each step in obedience to His Will), but I am sure that it aligns with the theme He gave me for this year - Simplify & Streamline.


So far, I know that means continuing to allow God to lead in reimagining how we serve our community, package our expertise, allocate our budget, and spend our time as a company on and offline. Personally, it means releasing previously set expectations, embracing where I am in this season of life, and welcoming in this new decade with a sense of wonder and excitement for all God will do to make it it's own kind of beautiful! 


This new directive has reminded me that the things God calls us to do as leaders aren't always easy lifts, but they build the muscle we need to create the life we want and that He has designed us to have and enjoy. I am so very thankful for how He loves us into who He created us to be - before we even knew Him!


Now what does this look like to walk out practically? And how can you apply these principles to your life and business when you need a reset? You know I've got you. Keep reading for practical tips below!


  1. Assess your current relationships, priorities, and responsibilities.

  2. Decide what is in/out of alignment with current/future goals.

  3. Evaluate areas of growth and those in need of improvement.

  4. Be honest with yourself/others about your current capacity.

  5. Be honest with yourself about the life you truly want.

  6. Let go of everything that does not align with that.

  7. Live/build the life you truly want.


  1. Assess current internal processes, systems, responsibilities, and team.

  2. Check in with your clients and community to discuss current needs.

  3. Evaluate the latest trends in your field and tangential markets.

  4. Be honest with yourself/others about your current capacity.

  5. Be honest with yourself about the legacy you want to leave.

  6. Update your business plan to reflect this new data.

  7. Create the company you truly want to lead.

I say, "you truly want" because sometimes we allow the desires of our families, mentors, friends, or society to dictate the lives and businesses we build. After years of hard work we look up and realize we built someone else's dream. This is your reminder to build according to your strengths, the dreams and vision God has given you, and your capacity to deliver in excellence. It's okay to disappoint others if it means you make God and yourself proud. Let that be your marker of success moving forward. The rest will take care of itself.

As you walk with God on your life and business journey, I hope this encourages you stay open to His leading. (Psalm 25:4-5)

I hope His voice is the loudest one you hear in deciding how you move your life and business forward. (Psalm 143:10 | Isaiah 30:21)

I hope you never let the ever-changing circumstances around you make you question the directive He has given you to complete. (Philippians 1:6)

I hope you engage with Him with wonder and hopeful expectation of what's to come. (Psalm 33:8)

I hope you give yourself abundant grace to continually surrender, radically obey, and reset as many times as needed to evolve into the version of you God saw when He created you in your mother's womb. This goes for your business, too. (2 Peter 1:1-11 | Psalm 139:14 | 2 Corinthians 3:18)


I'm excited to go on this journey of RESET with you! Let me know how God is leading you to reset in the comments, and then let's get ready to witness all God will do when we embrace the new beginning He has so graciously given us!

With Joy In Purpose,

Dr. Lorin R. Carter


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Jun 08
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love the practical approach with biblical backing! It makes it easier to see how to walk this out in my faith and in my business. Thank you for sharing!

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