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Equipping you to live purposefully with joy!



We are a boutique consulting firm and community that specialize in business development and executive coaching for high-achieving, Christian Entrepreneurs and CEOs.


Our partnership will move you from being overwhelmed to implementing a clear roadmap for success through actionable corporate strategies, biblical principles, and accountability to build a life and business you love with success that lasts.


Our process positions you to find “more” - more joy, fulfillment, freedom, and choice - and to "Create A Life You Love & Love The Life You Live."

Actionable strategies personalized for your needs that:

  • Eliminate overwhelm and increase clarity & creativity

  • Empowered to serve with excellence, integrity, and passion

  • Increase efficiency in teams, systems, and operations

  • Proactive planning for scalable and sustainable success

  • Make profitability, freedom, and flexibility a reality

  • Identify, triage, and address critical needs

About Me

Dr. Lorin R. Carter is a passionate consultant, coach, & CEO that partners with you to create YOUR unique path to sustainable and scalable success.


Hi, CEO! I'm Dr. Lorin R. Carter, and I believe that each person is blessed with unique gifts and talents. It is my honor and privilege to help you eliminate the overwhelm, find clarity, develop skills, and implement tools and systems that will properly position you to serve with excellence, integrity, and passion in your gift. 

When we partner, we will utilize biblical foundations, corporate strategies, and action-focused accountability to leverage your skills in the service of others, facilitate proper compensation for the value you provide, mindfully prioritize your responsibilities and goals, and free you to live with joy in purpose. 

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10 KJV) 

Let me be your strategic partner to navigate, grow, and succeed on your journey as a CEO. The time is now. Let's build!


Dr. Lorin R. Carter is passionate about equipping people with tools to be independent determinants of their destiny. With two decades of education and experience spanning Civil Engineering, Law, Higher Education, Government, Public Policy, Urban Planning, Nonprofits, and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Carter now serves through Carter Creative Enterprises, LLC, a family of companies creating holistic solutions to foster wellness in the individual, workplace, and community, dedicated to helping people “Live, Work, & Be Well." 

Dr. Lorin R. Carter, LLC | The Corporate Consultant, a business development and executive coaching firm that partners with Christian CEOs to build the lives and businesses they love, is the second business in this family with a focus on helping high-achieving believers work and live well. Dr. Carter works closely with her clients to equip them with strategy and tools that allow them to utilize the gifts God has given them, incorporate biblical strategies for a well life and profitable business, and leverage corporate strategies to build businesses that last. Her ultimate goal is to position her clients, CEOs like you, to "Create A Life You Love & Love The Life You Live." 

Partner with The Corporate Consultant to Joyfully Create Your Version Of Success!

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