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What's On Your Plate?

Updated: May 7, 2022

I saw this quote a few months ago and knew it would be the perfect way to start November! I love this end of year reminder to lean into a spirit of gratitude. So often we feel the pressure to perform, to see who can do it first, or who has the best, largest, or most. This invitation to relish what we have, fully enjoy the spread before us, and be present in the moment truly resonated with me. 

When I think about my blessings this year I’m thankful to be healthy in the midst of a global pandemic. I’m thankful to be able to talk to my family and see them with Zoom and WhatsApp (even though I terribly miss being with them). I am also thankful that our businesses are still operating and flourishing during this year. With all the changes, pivots, and uncertainty of 2020 we have still been able to serve our clients well and that makes me smile.

This year has also been filled with moments of stillness, behind the scenes growth, and reminders that just because you don’t post it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. These moments have called me inward to evaluate my life, my relationships, and my efforts. I am amazed at the clarity that has come from those still moments and from digging in and doing the work. I'm still refining some plans, but I can already see the difference, and it feels good.

These quiet moments have reminded me that my "plate" looks completely different than others’ because it's uniquely plated to nourish me. It means I'm not behind, lacking anything I need, off schedule, or out of sync. It gives me a sense of peace to know I'm perfectly in line with where God would have me to be in this season, learning the lessons I need to be prepared for my next steps (I Thess. 5:16-18 KJV). 

I also love reminders that these lessons aren't just for me. I get them often when I'm working with my clients. I'm able to find solutions to their problems because I’ve experienced them before too! I know what it feels like to be overflowing with amazing ideas but also feeling overwhelmed with not knowing where to start. I know what it feels like to look for a model to follow, only to realize one doesn't exist, and then having to make the courageous decision to step into a new level of faith and create something new. I understand trying to figure out how to find the common thread between ideas that seem so different at the surface but are closely connected at their core, and working through the process of learning how to scale a business wisely. As I discuss my clients’ dreams and outline strategies to assist them in moving forward, my personal experiences help me to more fully understand their needs and more importantly, lets them know they are not alone. It's one of my absolute favorite things about my business.

As we each bravely step into our callings, know there may be some silent or slow seasons where we feel like we're waiting - for clarity, for answers, for direction, for a big break, or better conditions. Those seasons are necessary. Lean in anyway, and keep going.

It’s crazy to think how much I would've missed if I had let the myths that "there’s not enough room for all of us" or "you have to be perfect to start" or "it has to look just like ____ to be successful" keep me from gobbling the goodies on my plate! I realized my first steps would be imperfect, but imperfect progress is still progress. I've learned perfection comes from the doing.

If I had let what I thought my plate (or path) should look like stop me, I never would’ve made any progress, or been properly positioned to help anyone else. Whew! I’m glad I realized the delicious spread in front of me and dug in! And you know what? It’s still feeding me today!

Soooooo, what’s on your plate, Dream Builder? Start tackling what you can to clean your plate in 2020. And if you don't quite clean it, you'll have some tasty leftovers to get you started in 2021. Either way, you win.

With Joy In Purpose,

Dr. C


Dr. Lorin R. Carter helps multi-passionates eliminate overwhelm, find clarity, and implement tools & systems that properly position them to make their personal and professional dreams of success a reality.

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