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Are You Ready to Elevate to CEO?

You're in the right place! Welcome to the home of The Corporate Consultant. This is where Christian Entrepreneurs come for the strategy, scripture, and support they need to lead and live well. Ready to join us?


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Equipping you with tools that empower you to decide your destiny and achieve success, personally & professionally.

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Client Testimonials

Alexis J.


"This was such an amazing experience! She was very willing and knowledgeable. Help[ed] me examine the circumstances correctly and encourage[d] me to make the best decision for me. Was able to help me evaluate all of my options and gave me the best advice possible."

Shanterra M.

Speaker, Coach, Consultant

"[T]hank you for such a wonderful experience. I truly enjoyed it. I learned so much about streamlining my workflow and look forward to working with you again!"

Willis W.

Pastor, Retired Executive

"Honestly and truthfully, the sessions were professionally and appropriately scheduled and implemented. At this point in time, I am well on my way to further realizing my goals. Thanks to the firm, in particular...Dr. Lorin R Carter."

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Hello! I'm Dr. Lorin R. Carter!

Wife. Engineer. Lawyer. Professor, Urban Planner. Policy Advocate. Serial Entreprenuer. You name it! I won't teach you anything I haven't learned from education and experience. Coming to you from Dallas, Texas by way of Jackson, Mississippi, I am excited to partner with you on your journey as a CEO. 


Are you ready? Let's work together!

It's time to bring your dreams and vision to life. Click below to schedule your personalized consultation today to make the success, freedom, ease, and peace you have dreamed of a reality.

Start living the life you love and loving the life you live today!

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