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“It’s Dr. Carter.”: Own What You’ve Earned

Updated: May 7, 2022

My road to PhD included many long nights, tough days, and moments that stretched me beyond any capacity I had known before; it made me a better woman. Now it empowers me to do work I love - supporting equitable development for communities of color and equipping multi-passionates to overcome overwhelm, gain clarity, and create strategies for personal & professional success through my businesses.

Yet over the last year I’ve had countless conversations about how others are often selective in acknowledging the PhD in professional settings, especially for women and women of color. The recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal instructing Dr. Jill Biden to retire her title while in the White House was the most recent example of this behavior. Unfortunately, I see this often with women, where we are overlooked or undervalued. This is why I tell my clients to own their accomplishments, to stand fully in their expertise, and not to shrink back in the face of fear. It doesn't require a PhD (I just speak about my particular experience in the article linked below). God has given each of us gifts and allowed us to pursue education we need to serve well. We just have to walk in our gifting boldly, require those around us to do the same, and to stand up to those that would rather we sit back in silence.

I share my thoughts in raw detail on the topic in my published op-ed on Thrive Global here. Please check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

With Joy In Purpose,

Dr. C


Dr. Lorin R. Carter helps multi-passionates eliminate overwhelm, find clarity, and implement tools & systems that properly position them to make their personal and professional dreams of success a reality.

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