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Happy New Year, CEO!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It feels good to start a new year with renewed focus and energy!

Last year was full of surprises, stretching, and growth. It may have looked differently than you expected, but take a moment and admire how it grew you, changed you for the better, and opened your eyes, mind, and heart to new opportunities and possibilities.

This blog isn't to ask you to set a resolution or lay out a long list of goals to overwhelm you in week one. (Who needs that pressure?!?!)

I will instead ask you to set an intention, or focus, for your efforts this year in your life and business. Use these questions to help you get started.

Who do you want to become this year?

What are 1-3 things within your control that you can change, improve, or do that will help you live the healthy, fulfilling, and successful life you have imagined?

These questions are all about creating a guiding compass for your year. Your intention gives you something to measure against to help you honor your boundaries, protect your peace, improve your health, increase intimacy with God, amplify your profits, and maximize your time.

In short, it will help you determine what is a "Heck Yes!", "Great idea; Wrong Season.", or "Heck No!" for this year.

Please don't make it too long or complicated. Focus on what will allow you to develop along the way and strategically support your overall growth and happiness.

Remember a new year doesn't mean you have to throw everything (and/or everyone) away. It is an invitation to reflect on your life and your business, to get clear on your priorities, and to set a path forward.

It's perfectly alright if December 31st is not your deadline (life doesn't always follow a 12 month calendar perfectly, does it??).

As long as you are creating an environment that positions you to make the progress You need to make right now, you're right on time and right on schedule.

Now tell me, what is your intention for the year, CEO?

Let's make this year a good one! ;-)

With Joy In Purpose,

Dr. Lorin R. Carter

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