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Our Services


Do you need advice on making a decision? Are you looking for personalized assistance with developing a business or creating additional streams of income? Are you looking for guidance on which degree program may be the right next step to creating a career you love? Do you need accountability in implementing a success strategy? Does your organization need a strategic plan to bring your vision to life?


Our consultation services are the perfect fit for you! Whether scheduling a "Pick My Brain" consultation or a VIP Consulting Package, our 1-on-1 Consultation services will offer the motivation, structure, and accountability you need to achieve success.


Not quite ready for consultations, but need targeted guidance? Our written & video resources are the solution for you. These offerings prepare you for our consultation services, are self-paced, and help you gain clarity on your journey. (Coming Soon!)


Do you need an engaging, experienced speaker for your next event? Dr. Carter is ready to assist you! Previous topics have included career guidance, pairing purpose and passion, being open to change, charting your own path, crafting your own version of success, and more! Please contact us to discuss your event in detail. 

Client Testimonials

"[T]hank you for such a wonderful experience. I truly enjoyed it. I learned so much about streamlining my workflow and look forward to working with you again!"

"This was such an amazing experience! She was very willing and knowledgeable. Help[ed] me examine the circumstances correctly and encourage[d] me to make the best decision for me. Was able to help me evaluate all of my options and gave me the best advice possible."

"Honestly and truthfully, the sessions were professionally and appropriately scheduled and implemented. At this point in time, I am well on my way to further realizing my goals. Thanks to the firm, in particular...Dr. Lorin R Carter."

Our Services
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