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Equipping you to live purposefully with joy!

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Quick notes about Dr. Carter

  • Multi-disciplinary professional

  • Resides in Dallas, Texas

  • Jackson State University graduate

  • Full-time entrepreneur

  • Lifelong learner

  • Devoted Christian

Who is Dr. Carter?

Dr. Lorin R. Carter is a passionate coach & consultant that partners with her clients to create their path to sustainable and scalable success.


Dr. Carter

It's me,

Dr. Lorin R. Carter, Esq., E.I. is a multidisciplinary professional with a deep-seated passion to empower and equip others to live purposefully with joy. She has a keen ability to see solutions instead of problems and has been a sought-after resource for sage and sound guidance by family, friends, students, nonprofits, and businesses.


Currently residing in Dallas, TX, Dr. Carter has continued her commitment to service through Carter Creative Enterprises, LLC, a family of companies (including Dr. Lorin R. Carter, LLC) creating holistic solutions to foster wellness in the individual, workplace, and community, dedicated to helping people “Live, Work, & Be Well."


Outside of her work, Dr. Carter enjoys spending time with her husband, family, & friends, learning about holistic wellness, working out, trying new restaurants, growing as an entrepreneur & business owner, and attending local farmers markets, festivals, and concerts.


Our goal is to equip you with tools that empower you to become the purpose-driven CEO of your life and business, using corporate strategies, biblical foundations, meaningful accountability, and authentic encouragement. We walk with you as you create and implement a plan for success and achieve true progress, whether personally or professionally.

  1. We begin with business basics to ensure you are building on a solid and sound foundation.

  2. We lead you through developing a strategic process that addresses your current challenges and maximizes your unique gifts.

  3. We continue our support through targeted accountability and strategic refinement.

This process is different for everyone, which is why our solutions are personalized to our client's individual needs.


We believe that each person and business is blessed by God with unique gifts and talents to serve. It is our honor and privilege to help you eliminate the overwhelm, find clarity, develop skills, and utilize tools and systems that will properly position you to serve with excellence, integrity, and passion.

Individualized strategies personalized for your needs that:

  • Eliminate overwhelm and increase clarity & creativity

  • Empower you to serve with excellence, integrity, and passion

  • Increase efficiency in teams, systems, and operations

  • Properly position you for proactive planning

  • Make profitability, freedom, and flexibility a reality

  • Identify, triage, and address critical needs

  • Allow you to joyfully create your version of success

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