Dr. Lorin R. Carter, Esq., E.I. is a multidisciplinary professional with a passion for supporting the creation of healthy, vibrant neighborhoods and equipping people with the tools needed to improve their lives. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Dr. Carter has spent her life serving the community. Starting her career in state government, working as a licensed engineer to keep the state's land, air, & water clean and to address environmental justice issues across the state. Dr. Carter also worked as an attorney and legislative liaison for the agency to move environmental practice and policy forward and also practiced civil law in the private sector. Dr. Carter has also served as a mentor, assisted individuals with creating and executing academic, life, and business plans successfully.  

Currently residing in Dallas, TX, Dr. Carter has continued her commitment to bettering communities through research, serving as an adjunct professor, and is a serial entrepreneur & small business owner. 


Her most recent venture is Carter Creative Enterprises, LLC (CCE), a family of companies creating holistic solutions to foster wellness in the individual, workplace, and community, dedicated to helping people “Live, Work, & Be Well." Companies include C-Suite Consulting and Dr. Lorin R. Carter, LLC.

Dr. Lorin R. Carter, LLC, is purposed to help you to Create A Life You Love and Love the Life You Live. Through thoughtful engagement, strategic planning, meaningful accountability you are equipped with a plan and tools to make the life you have dreamed of your reality, whether business or personal. Dr. LRC works with you to get results and create your very own vision of success. 

Outside of work, Dr. Carter is a newlywed and enjoys spending time with her husband, family, & friends, learning about holistic wellness, working out, trying new restaurants, growing as an entrepreneur, and attending local farmers markets & festivals.  

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